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William D. Losquadro, MD - Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery is rated 5 out of 5.0 based on ratings.

I had gone to see Dr. Wm Losquadro for a nasal consultation. I had surgery on my nose back in 2008 (regular ENT) because I had severe breathing issues due to the narrowing in my nose. I did not have any cosmetic concerns, only breathing concerns . I did not know that surgery of this sort really needed a surgeon with skills. The doctor back in 2008 did a very very bad job. My nose was butchered and I was left with a sagging floppy nose. Through the years I had gone to consult with several doctors with all in agreement that my nose was poorly done and I would eventually have a hard time breathing due lack of support left in my nose. I had many other health issues that needed to be addressed so I put this issue on the back burner…until I could not breath correctly anymore. Dr. Wm Losquadro was recommend to me. I did look him up and I was happy to read about him, his schooling and patient reviews. I booked my appointment and met with him. Compared to the other consultations that I had, I was most comfortable and secure with Dr. Losquadro. I had a lot of information to compare his approach to my situations to. Dr. Losquadro is calm, well educated, skilled, confident and has trained with a superior surgeon in this field. He is amazing and a natural in his field. He has a good eye for a “natural appearance” and his work is done with the up-most precision and skill. I am so pleased with my nose -yes, it looks great but more over is the fact I can breath, smell and taste better!! I did not even realize of those things where lost with my nose collapsing . I suppose it was because it was a slow process of my nose collapsing(one doctor had told me I would have a problem in about 10 yrs. because it was going to collapse…and so it did ) I did not notice losing taste and smell; what I did notice was the breathing became an issue again. The collapsed nose was interfering with my breathing. I was so unhappy with appearance The surgery was successful. It even went better then he had anticipated . Dr. Losquadro had planned on using my rib to rebuild and support my nose, however he was able to use what was left from the first surgery- this was great news when I awoke ! My nose looks fantastic !! I am so happy with the results I can breath taste and smell again and it looks like “my” nose again(I had a very nice nose prior to the first surgery) God Bless this Dr. he is quite a talent and his modern up to date caring and a master of his craft. I would highly recommend him and his staff to anyone and keep in mind I have had many consults about my nose. I felt I made the best choice. My standards are very high and I am skeptical, plus the fact I had a very bad experience with the last doctor, so I am on guard now. I could not just let any doctor try to correct this situation.


My experience with cosmetic surgery is that it could be very difficult to find surgeons who deliver results and are perfectionistic, and Dr Losquadro was just that. When I had my first consult with him I didn’t even bother to try to find other reconstructive/cosmetic surgeons; he offered the whole package. Dr Losquadro has been very pleasant; he is calm, focused, realistic, and not conceited or have bad bed side manners like some other surgeons out there. If you feel you have a concern pre or post op, he addresses your concerns and never makes you feel intimidated to ask questions or voice concerns. He did reconstructive work on a rhinoplasty I had done 9 years ago when I was 19 years old; it was a great looking but it didn’t hold up too well due to the first surgeon using an outdated technique, so not only did my septum become weak and collapse, but my tiny youthful looking little nose grew noticeably longer after years progressed. Dr Losquadro was able to fix my collapsed septum AND give me the aesthetic result I asked for; a shorter, cuter, beautifully shaped nose. He also fixed my pinched looking nostrils that you often see in hollywood stars with typical nose jobs, he fixed tiny dents in the bridge I didn’t even need to point out to him, he just did it. I had no bruising, no black and blues, just tons of swelling because he worked on my entire nose, thankfully the swelling has subsided significantly. He also provides computer graphic imaging/photoshop to show you how your nose can look with different shapes, lengths, and will provide you with what you’re looking for. I’m a perfectionist in choosing my surgeons, and I don’t regret my decision in choosing him, being that he is a perfectionist surgeon who can fix the functionality of the nose and the cosmetic aspect. It’s hard to find surgeons who can master both. 5 stars.

Anonymous 2

For as long as I can remember I have had a bothersome deviated nasal septum. While it has long been an annoyance, having to undergo surgery always deterred me from getting it fixed. In addition, I wanted to wait until I was a little bit older before considering to alter any facial appearance. However, I thought about it some more and finally decided that it was time to look into fixing it and clearing up my airway for good. Boy am I glad I did! Fortunately, as I started thinking about which doctor I should contact for the surgery someone I know referred me to Dr. Losquadro. I looked into his work and was convinced he’d be a great option. While in the hospital, things ran very smoothly. Dr. Losquadro met with me before surgery to go over everything a final time. After that, I woke up comfortably and it was all done. My nose was crusty with dried blood for some time. It took several days to loosen it up with some peroxide and cotton swaps. But that was expected and it was never all that bad. It is a little over a month since the surgery and having now been through it all, I am so thrilled that I decided to do it. Being able to breathe so clearly is such a blessing. In addition to that, it really looks fantastic! A perfect example of when form meets function!

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Dr. Losquadro is the most patient and caring doctor I’ve ever dealt with. He did a revision rhinoplasty for me and he was the exact opposite of the first surgeon I regrettably operated with. I visited him sooo many times and each time he was the same.. kind, patient, & put his best efforts forth to make me a happy client. Honestly he’s truly an amazing surgeon.

Anonymous 4

Dr. Losquadro went above and beyond my expectations from my very first appointment throughout the entirety of my procedure and recovery. Aside from being an extremely skilled surgeon, he was also personable which helped ease any woes I had regarding the surgery (being as this was my first surgery ever). He was very helpful in answering any and all questions my family and I had which made me confident going into surgery. Dr. Losquadro performed rhinoplasty along with deviated septum repair, both of which turned out beautifully. One aspect I am particularly fond of was that he chooses not to pack the nose after operating on a deviated septum. This made my recovery much more comfortable than it would have been with the packing. I have had three follow up appointments with Dr. Losquadro, one week after, 2 weeks after, and a month after (more will follow) and all have gone smoothly. Throughout this process he continued to answer any questions I had with ease. Overall, my experience with Dr. Losquadro and this surgery can be rated as excellent and I would HIGHLY recommend him.

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