Testimonial 1

  • Posted on: May 24 2018
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I had gone to see Dr. Wm Losquadro for a nasal consultation. I had surgery on my nose back in 2008 (regular ENT) because I had severe breathing issues due to the narrowing in my nose. I did not have any cosmetic concerns, only breathing concerns . I did not know that surgery of this sort really needed a surgeon with skills. The doctor back in 2008 did a very very bad job. My nose was butchered and I was left with a sagging floppy nose. Through the years I had gone to consult with several doctors with all in agreement that my nose was poorly done and I would eventually have a hard time breathing due lack of support left in my nose. I had many other health issues that needed to be addressed so I put this issue on the back burner…until I could not breath correctly anymore. Dr. Wm Losquadro was recommend to me. I did look him up and I was happy to read about him, his schooling and patient reviews. I booked my appointment and met with him. Compared to the other consultations that I had, I was most comfortable and secure with Dr. Losquadro. I had a lot of information to compare his approach to my situations to. Dr. Losquadro is calm, well educated, skilled, confident and has trained with a superior surgeon in this field. He is amazing and a natural in his field. He has a good eye for a “natural appearance” and his work is done with the up-most precision and skill. I am so pleased with my nose -yes, it looks great but more over is the fact I can breath, smell and taste better!! I did not even realize of those things where lost with my nose collapsing . I suppose it was because it was a slow process of my nose collapsing(one doctor had told me I would have a problem in about 10 yrs. because it was going to collapse…and so it did ) I did not notice losing taste and smell; what I did notice was the breathing became an issue again. The collapsed nose was interfering with my breathing. I was so unhappy with appearance The surgery was successful. It even went better then he had anticipated . Dr. Losquadro had planned on using my rib to rebuild and support my nose, however he was able to use what was left from the first surgery- this was great news when I awoke ! My nose looks fantastic !! I am so happy with the results I can breath taste and smell again and it looks like “my” nose again(I had a very nice nose prior to the first surgery) God Bless this Dr. he is quite a talent and his modern up to date caring and a master of his craft. I would highly recommend him and his staff to anyone and keep in mind I have had many consults about my nose. I felt I made the best choice. My standards are very high and I am skeptical, plus the fact I had a very bad experience with the last doctor, so I am on guard now. I could not just let any doctor try to correct this situation.