Testimonial 5

  • Posted on: May 24 2018
  • By:

Dr. Losquadro went above and beyond my expectations from my very first appointment throughout the entirety of my procedure and recovery. Aside from being an extremely skilled surgeon, he was also personable which helped ease any woes I had regarding the surgery (being as this was my first surgery ever). He was very helpful in answering any and all questions my family and I had which made me confident going into surgery. Dr. Losquadro performed rhinoplasty along with deviated septum repair, both of which turned out beautifully. One aspect I am particularly fond of was that he chooses not to pack the nose after operating on a deviated septum. This made my recovery much more comfortable than it would have been with the packing. I have had three follow up appointments with Dr. Losquadro, one week after, 2 weeks after, and a month after (more will follow) and all have gone smoothly. Throughout this process he continued to answer any questions I had with ease. Overall, my experience with Dr. Losquadro and this surgery can be rated as excellent and I would HIGHLY recommend him.