Testimonials 2

  • Posted on: May 24 2018
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My experience with cosmetic surgery is that it could be very difficult to find surgeons who deliver results and are perfectionistic, and Dr Losquadro was just that. When I had my first consult with him I didn’t even bother to try to find other reconstructive/cosmetic surgeons; he offered the whole package. Dr Losquadro has been very pleasant; he is calm, focused, realistic, and not conceited or have bad bed side manners like some other surgeons out there. If you feel you have a concern pre or post op, he addresses your concerns and never makes you feel intimidated to ask questions or voice concerns. He did reconstructive work on a rhinoplasty I had done 9 years ago when I was 19 years old; it was a great looking but it didn’t hold up too well due to the first surgeon using an outdated technique, so not only did my septum become weak and collapse, but my tiny youthful looking little nose grew noticeably longer after years progressed. Dr Losquadro was able to fix my collapsed septum AND give me the aesthetic result I asked for; a shorter, cuter, beautifully shaped nose. He also fixed my pinched looking nostrils that you often see in hollywood stars with typical nose jobs, he fixed tiny dents in the bridge I didn’t even need to point out to him, he just did it. I had no bruising, no black and blues, just tons of swelling because he worked on my entire nose, thankfully the swelling has subsided significantly. He also provides computer graphic imaging/photoshop to show you how your nose can look with different shapes, lengths, and will provide you with what you’re looking for. I’m a perfectionist in choosing my surgeons, and I don’t regret my decision in choosing him, being that he is a perfectionist surgeon who can fix the functionality of the nose and the cosmetic aspect. It’s hard to find surgeons who can master both. 5 stars.